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“In business, first impressions are everything. You wouldn’t greet a client in a messy suit, so why should your online presence be any different?”

How Would You Like To Maximise the Sales of Your Services and Products?

  • Do you need a new website, upgrade or revamp with full support and free hosting?

  • Would you benefit from generating leads automatically while you sleep?

  • Would you like us to promote your website using our extensive list of 100,000+ reliable clients?

  • Would you like to receive £2000 worth of free bonuses and advice from some of the best marketing, branding and social media experts in the industry?

  • Could Exceptionally Designed/Redesigned Logos, Business Cards, Flyers and Exhibition Roller Banners Breath New Life into Your Brand?
  • Could you use help in writing your mission statement so that your brand stands out?

  • Would you like your website to be written by a professional copywriter who specialises in gathering and engaging new clients?

  • Would you be interested in speaking at our upcoming event to receive a professional video showreel, photos and a surge in leads?

  • Could professional copywriting clearly project your message and grab the attention of the clients looking for the service and products YOU offer?

Des O'Connor Websites
If the answer to all of those questions is YES, then

Des O'Connor's Premium Website Services

will be the ultimate tool to take your business to the next level and secure the unclaimed thousands that clients are willing to spend on the services you offer.
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Des O'Connor

“Having a website is not just about how great it looks. Behind the scenes, there are lots of SEO tools that we use to make the website as profitable as possible. This is done through expert copywriting, title and section formatting, the use of keywords and phrases, speeding up functions, only portraying the relevant information and encouraging sales in a way that the client won’t feel intimidated.”

– Des O’Connor

Des O'Connor Websites
What we can do for you…
  • Systemise your website using CRM to generate infinite leads, 24 hours a day.

  • Our team of expert designers will create a multi-page website that will allow you to receive instant payments for selling your services, products and digital goods online using PayPal or Stripe.

  • Your new website will be professionally written in a coherent and unique voice, reflecting your brand’s message.

  • We will format your website so that it accepts different payment options. We can also divide your services and products into levels for you – Bronze, Silver, Gold etc.

  • Choose from 3 carefully developed packages to cater to the needs of your business or brand, to prevent overspending on functions you don’t need.
  • Save time by allowing us to format your site in its most appealing form, establishing you as the expert with minimal labour on your side.

  • Select an exclusive domain name that represents your brand fully – providing a professional and easy to access URL, that just rolls off the tongue.

  • Our designers will use graphics and colour schemes that compliment your service or business, to increase visitor engagement and likability.

  • We will make sure that navigation, functionality and usability are smooth for both visitors and owner – ensuring the experience is a positive and prosperous one!

Des O'Connor

“Business is about networking and getting yourself out there. I know that it’s not always easy, especially when you first start out, but that is why I’m here to help. I am offering the first 7 people who purchase one of my website design packages the opportunity to take part in a Facebook LIVE interview and a free consultation with me. You will also receive £2000 worth of bonuses and a chance to speak on stage at our next packed event.”

– Des O’Connor

Does all of this peak your interest? Keep reading on!

  • Would you like a website that is sleek, modern and mobile-friendly?

  • Would you like to discover ways to stop customers abandoning their cart?

  • With only 28% of small businesses online, would you like to be ahead of the curve?

Have you ever visited the website of a company that does the same thing as you, only to feel disheartened by seeing how fantastic it is? You might think that there’s no possible way that you could achieve the same level of calibre. That is where we come in.

Des O'Connor Websites
Des O'Connor

Hello and welcome, my name is Des O’Connor.

I am an award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author, events manager, an acclaimed public speaker and the UK’s number 1 consultant for creating expert women in business. Within my role of establishing entrepreneurs, a third of the people I work with have requested one of our website and graphic design packages to give their brand a unique and prominent presence that ensures sales.

Watch This Amazing Testimonial From Ex-Dragons Den Rachel Elnaugh!

It was such a pleasure to speak at Des’s Women in Business event. Also, I have already manifested numerous paying clients as a result of speaking – plus many new speaking offers and JV opportunities – so it was financially rewarding, as well as being great fun!

Des, How Can You Help Me To Be Successful?

Check out the package options!
Des O'Connor

“Although the percentage of online shoppers has doubled since the corona virus, only 28% of small businesses are online. This means that the other 72% are missing out on huge amounts of business every single day. It’s only a matter of time before those without a website realise this, so make sure you establish your position now, while others are playing catch up!”

– Des O’Connor

Benefits of Working With Me!

Having found success within my career, I have been blessed to accumulate several business strategies and secrets that I can now pass on to other entrepreneurs – whether it is through consultation, on stage or through my book. Having such knowledge allows me to provide you with:
Des O'Connor
  • A Mission Statement that will inspire anyone reading them. These are important to outline your brand’s values and goals. If prospective clients like what you believe in, then they will be more than happy to work with you.
  • Coaching and Consulting sessions with an award-winning entrepreneur, credited for creating women(and men) business experts. I will devise marketing strategies that will work best for you – generating leads, promoting client engagement, full exposure and increasing profits!

  • Reliable service recommendations using my extensive list of contacts.
  • Networking your new website as soon as it launches, so that you can begin making money instantly.

  • £2000 worth of bonuses, including exclusive high-quality videos of several experts that will provide hours of beneficial learning.

  • 500 Top-quality (300gsm) business cards designed with your branding in mind.

  • 1000 A5 flyers (300 gsm) with your brand graphics displayed in the most appealing way.

  • A sturdy Exhibition roller banner that will display your brand logo and graphics in the most appealing and eye-catching way.

  • Facebook LIVE Interview to promote your brand to my entire network. If this will be your first time in this type of situation, I will coach you through it.

  • Introduce you to the world of public speaking and the unlimited potential it will have on your brand or business.

Check out the package options!

Want To Unlock Your Maximum Potential?

Why not take full advantage of the bonus live on stage courses including well-known entrepreneurs such as Paul O’Mahony, Darren Winters, James Nicholson, Chelsey Baker, Jessen James, Paul Preston and Rachael Elnaugh – just to name a few. With this exclusive promotion, you will also get a one-on-one coaching session with Des O’Connor and the chance to become a speaker at the next packed out event. Check out the package options for more information!

Des O'Connor Websites

Select Your Package Carefully

Make sure you select the right package by carefully reading what each has to offer. If you choose the silver package, you will miss out on the 3 one hour consultation session with Des O’Connor along with the valuable bonuses that come with it. If you want to take your brand to the next level and become an ‘expert’ entrepreneur, the Platinum package may be the one for you – offering an incredible variety of features, along with guaranteed exposure to Des’ vast network of business acquaintances and the chance to speak at the 2021 events in the USA.

Check out the package options!
Des O'Connor

“To set yourself apart from the rest, you need a unique voice and style. That is why all entrepreneurs and business owners need to have a website specifically built with them in mind. When designing logos, flyers, posters, banners and business cards, a “one fits all” approach will not do. Let my team get a flavour of your identity and let that be the inspiration for your online platform.”

– Des O’Connor


If you are one of the first people to purchase a package, you will be able to promote your brand via a Facebook LIVE interview with Des O’Connor, receive free consultations, £2000 worth of bonuses and an opportunity to speak on stage at a packed out venue.


£97(worth £497)
  • Videos of experts on Stage at previous events, Worth £497
  • Webinar course – How Webinars Can Treble Your Income As You Sleep
  • Simone Vincenzi – Helping You to Build Your 6 Figure Expert Business
  • Kelly Tyler – How to STAND OUT as a Speaker, Author or Coach
  • Michelle Raymond – Proximity is Power, the New Confidence Factor
  • Shukeel A Chohan – Speakers Are Influencers
  • Sarah Ross – How to B.R.E.A.T.H.E through your BurnOut
  • Desi Tahiraj – Leadership in the 21st Century. How to Apply the Most Powerful Leadership Principles to Manage, Motivate and Get Better Results
  • Chelsey Baker – How to ‘Raising Your Profile and Profit


£997or 3 x £347
  • You will receive ALL of the bronze package benefits (worth £497), as well as:
  • You will receive a full website that has been designed and finished to an expert standard.
  • All features discussed will be implemented, including engaging and well written copywriting, enticing product descriptions, online payment methods, CEO optimisation and much much more!
  • As a thank you for choosing us to design and host your website, we shall include:

    • 500 Top quality branded business cards,
    • 1000 A5 flyers,
    • A sturdy Exhibition roller banner
    • £1000 in bonuses.


£1497or 3 x £527
  • You will receive ALL of the silver package benefits, as well as:
  • 3 one hour coaching / consulting sessions with leading business expert Des O’Connor.
  • Using his knowledge and experience, he can help you plan a solid marketing strategy
  • Teach you how to generate leads (even while you sleep)
  • Show you how to increase client engagement to maximise profit – among many other things.
  • These appointments are in demand, so take advantage and secure a place.
  • For a limited time, you will also receive £2000 in incredible bonuses!


£1997or 3 x £697
  • You will receive ALL the benefits of the silver and gold packages, as well as:
  • Having a ‘Membership’ site, which allows you to sell your digital products.
  • As replication costs vary from low to free – you have the potential of making pure profit without any outgoings!
  • For a limited time, you will receive £3000 in phenomenal bonuses, that any serious entrepreneur will not want to miss.
  • You will be guaranteed to speak to a packed out venue at our upcoming event.
  • Here, you will gain more leads, make deals and sell your services and goods straight from the stage! 100% of the profits you make will belong to you.
  • You shall be introduced to American contacts, as well as given the opportunity to broaden your brand further by speaking at venues in the USA during 2021.